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@defend - The ability to “defend” is more of the classical cyber security toolset. Use these kind of solutions to block attacks and prevent them from gaining a foothold. This is very important as it’s typically the earliest chance you’ll have in a kill chain to prevent a successful breach. These kind of solutions are best when used in multiple layers (e.g. firewall, endpoint, etc.) to achieve defense in depth. Please note, most defend techniques won’t block already entrenched malware unless it can detect “phone home” kind of activity of a botnet to a central command and control server.

Listed below are some vendor solutions we offer that may address this concern.
@detect - The ability to “detect” is extremely important to reduce the “dwell time” or the amount of time before a breach is detected. Considering the industry average is over 200 days, there is a lot of improvement and benefits that can be achieved by adding or increasing the tools to detect an already entrenched threat or attempt at data exfiltration. Detect technologies are an excellent compliment to cyber security and offer a good ROI compared to just defend tools. Detection gives necessary visibility into the effectiveness of your cyber security defense.

Listed below are some vendor solutions we offer that may address this concern.
@manage - If you can’t effectively manage or operate what you have, you’re going to ignore it and not keep it current. That defeats the effectiveness of your cyber security and network management solutions.

Listed below are some vendor solutions we offer that may address this concern.
@recover - After a breach, it comes down to your ability to effectively respond and in some cases recover. The likelihood of needing to recover from a breach increases when any of these items apply:
- No decryption is used (that means 30-40% of the traffics is NOT inspected)
- Users are allowed to use personal email, chat, file sharing and social applications
- Users have laptops or mobile devices that are not protected when they are “off the ranch”
- Wireless isn’t policed or protected well
- No NAC solution is in place
- Poor credential management or authentication

CryptoLocker and other forms of ransomware can be devastating. Having backup copies and point in time copies on and offsite are a necessary part of the recovery process. Just as important is that the other copies not be directly accessible online (as in mounted) or accessible with the same credentials.

Relying purely on cyber defense without having plans in place for response and recovery is reckless.

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Email Security
We offer high end solutions and professional expertise to provide extensive Email security solutions. We have the skills to mix, match and layer solutions to offer the right level of protection for mid-market to enterprise customers.

Proofpoint for industry leading Email protection for all customers.

Barracuda offers an anti-SPAM and AV Email protection solution.
We know our firewall solutions… We have numerous years of experience with next generation firewalls and can configure, install, tune and audit configurations. We’ve run several side by side and intimately know their strengths and weaknesses. That means we can find and cater a solution to meet your needs. When it comes to validated 3rd party performance/security tests and ease of use, we highly recommend Palo Alto Networks depending on your specific needs.
There is no single ideal solution that fits everyone, but it does depend heavily on some choices:
- Active/Passive (control and/or visibility)
- Guests and/or employees (students too)
- Wired/wireless
- Along with scale (hundreds or tens of thousands)

We are NAC specialists and we know that NAC means different things to different people. Whether it’s network admission control, access control, visibility within networks (wired or wireless), guest networks, self registration, strict endpoint compliance or you name it.

It’s best to contact us direct to understand NAC choices, but to summarize:
- ForeScout works in a lot of environments for multiple use cases in small to massive scale
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