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Email is the #1 vector for advanced threats that target your organization, more than 90% of targeted attacks start through email. Attackers are evolving their techniques to target your people rather than your infrastructure, and email defense tools are struggling to keep up, leaving your data, brand reputation, and bottom line at risk.

Most vendors help with some aspects of email security or block some attacks, but given the speed, volume, and variety of today’s attacks, you need a strategy to solve your entire email threat problem not just part of it. 

Proofpoint Advanced Email Security is the only solution that offers total protection from today’s most sophisticated attacks. Its cloud-based architecture adapts to threats as they evolve and gives you full visibility across the threat lifecycle, blocking attacks before they reach their target, and reducing the cost and complexity of responding to threats that might get through.

  • Protect Your Organization from Advanced Attacks
  • Delight Your End Users and Execs
  • Gain Complete Control Over Email
  • Automate Responses When Things Go Wrong
  • Leading Solution for Organizations of All Sizes
  • Solves the Whole Email Threat Problem

Proofpoint Products Overview

Email Protection 

Email Protection (EP)
Stop advanced threats (malware, phishing, and fraud) before they get to people while improving productivity. Filter, classify and manage unwanted email – including spam, bulk, and impostor (BEC). EP has robust reporting and search, as well as flexible deployment options (cloud, on premise).

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)
More than 90% of targeted attacks start through email so improve your security posture; get visibility into the threats entering your organization and protect against targeted attacks that use malicious attachments and URLs. Get detailed forensics to speed up your incident response, and see who is attacking, how they're attacking, and what they're after. Links can be poisoned after delivery or threats are missed, in those cases, TAP will also let you know what threats were missed and who was affected.

Threat Response Auto Pull
Limit further damage, by automating and accelerating your email incident response process. Threat Response Auto Pull delivers automatic or push-button capability to quarantine delivered malicious email even if forwarded or sent to a distribution list. Save countless hours of searching and scripting while mitigating risk.

Email Fraud Defense (EFD)
Protect your business, brand, and supply chain from Email Fraud. Authenticate legitimate e-mail and by extension block fraudulent activity using your domains with superior visibility and efficacy. Global visibility, comprehensive intelligence, and managed services model make it easy and safe to authenticate all your legitimate senders with DMARC and block fraud.

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Prevent negligence with accuracy and control.

Email Encryption
Automatically encrypt outbound email messages and attachments.


Threat Response
Improve your cybersecurity operational efficiency and better allocate resources while maximizing your ROI. Orchestrate, automate and accelerate your incident response. Automatically confirm incident infections, enrich alerts, and enable automatic or push of a button containment. Out-of-the-box multi-vendor solution.

Data Discover
Reduce your attack surface and compliance risk by finding exposed sensitive or confidential data sitting on a network shared drive, or SharePoint sites, and enable real- time remediation through quarantine, access revocation or deletion. Cloud architecture makes deployment fast and easy, and policy is integrated across data at rest, email (Email DLP), and cloud (SaaS Protection).

Mobile Defense
Reduce your Bring Your Own Device policy risk while protecting employee privacy. We will scan official and secondary app stores, analyze apps code, behavior, and dynamic operating attributes and provide visibility into apps that pose a high-security risk. Combining rich mobile app analysis (50M+ Android and iOS threat database), with automated workflows that orchestrate deployed MDMs, EMMs or MSMs, Mobile Defense safeguards organizations from data exfiltration and fraud.

ET Intelligence
Knowing your adversary and having insight into their tactics, techniques, and procedures is paramount when conducting cyber hunting activities. Access hourly updated, 100% verified threat intelligence with context and history. ET Intelligence has proof of conviction, 40+ threat categories, five-year history, and samples, as well as related domains and IPs.

SaaS Protection
Deploy Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce with confidence. Automate policy-based response actions to alert or restrict access to content based on its sensitivity (PII, PHI) or user’s risk (ex: a user has been exposed to phishing or malware, or has logged in from different geographies in a short period). Prevent malware uploads (ex: word file with URL link to credential phish site) and control third party add-ons.

Targeted Attack Protection SaaS Defense
SaaS applications are a security blind spot for most enterprises. Detect malicious files in Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Box, find users affected and gain visibility into the size, scope, and type of threats you face with the same world class detection leveraged in TAP for email.


Enterprise Archive
Available for email, files, social media, IM and custom applications, archive in the cloud for compliance, supervision and legal discovery. Double Blind Encryption a patented technology, allows organizations to retain exclusive access to their data while outsourcing it. Full search and discovery capabilities.

Enterprise Collaboration Archiving
FINRA and SEC regulations require all electronic communications (sent or received) to be archived. Fines are stiff. Capture social posts (associated links and attachments) for all, or a subset, of users from Salesforce, Chatter, Jive, Skype for business, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and store them into your existing information archive. Specify your internal journaling email address, and we handle the rest. Robust reporting, social conversations can be grouped similar to email replies.

Compliance Gateway
Ensure that your content is properly retained with a built in feedback loop to confirm successful message delivery and automated or manual resubmission. Route content to multiple destinations (archives, supervision or analytic systems) based on policy. Can process any content type delivered through SMTP (email, instant messaging, and social media). Supported downstream archives include HP-Autonomy, Data minder and our Enterprise Archive.

E-discovery and Analytics
Expedite early case assessments (ECA) and improve your litigation readiness strategy. Search millions of messages in seconds, empower legal teams with self-serve tools, slash review time by 90% with in-house tools, reduce third party costs by minimizing exports, improve insight and decision making with advanced analytics and visualizations.

Intelligent Supervision
Review teams spend too much time searching for violations; allow them to sift through data to meet FINRA, SEC, IIROC and other needs. Intelligent Supervision makes reviewers more efficient by creating “less noise” in fulfilling supervision obligations, i.e it shows violations previews, offers sampling by message type (skip bulk emails) and conversation threading grouping related messages.

Digital Risk 

Domain Discover
Protect your organization, partners, vendors, and customers from email fraud, targeted malware, and phishing campaigns by persistently monitoring, finding and taking down fraudulent, lookalike, unauthorized web domains.

Social Patrol
Protect and monitor your branded social media accounts ensuring positive customer experience and compliance. Detect takeovers, lock down compromised accounts, monitor, and remove malicious, inappropriate or non- compliant content and control connected applications. Using natural language processing (not a word bank) for enforcement, it integrates directly with social platforms, publishing tools, and other security solutions like Palo Alto Networks and Splunk.

Social Syndicate
Balance compliance and speed. Make it easier to collect, review and syndicate content to your social media properties with little publishing flow disruption. A single platform that channels publishing requests and provides supervision workflows powered by automated security, compliance, and acceptable use checks. Automatically discover malware, inappropriate language, and simple mistakes before they go live.

Social Discover
Protect your brand and customers. Find fraudulent associated social media accounts using persistent and automated account searches, and content auditing, across all the leading networks: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social Sight
Organizations encouraging employees to promote their brand in social networks need to secure employee’s social media accounts without sacrificing their privacy. Only employee advocacy program that provides insight into security, acceptable use, and compliance risks while maintaining 100% employee control over their accounts and privacy. Opt-in model with easy deployment.

Mobile Discover
Protect your brand and customers. Locate fraudulent, lookalike, unauthorized mobile apps that put your brand and customers at risk. Also, find legitimate outdated app versions that remain available to download or are hosted on third-party stores without your permission.

Palo Alto Networks 

The Palo Alto Networks and Proofpoint partnership builds out an integration that delivers extended threat prevention capabilities in real time, giving customer increased visibility and comprehensive protection against today’s advanced threats. Together, we can prevent known threats before they infiltrate systems inside your network.

Threat intelligence from both TAP and WildFire is collected, organized and made available in the Proofpoint TAP dashboard and through Proofpoint Threat Response, providing security teams a consolidated view across multiple control points. The same threats that appear in the future will be easily detected by both TAP and WildFire.

It’s easy to implement. No additional investment. In a matter of minutes, with a simple API key-based activation, you can now combine the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) solution and the Proofpoint Social Patrol solution with Palo Alto Networks WildFire.

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Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials harnesses the capabilities of Proofpoint Email Protection to t the needs of smaller businesses. Proofpoint Essentials provides spam filtering, phishing detection, multi-layer anti-virus, a robust filter rules engine, email continuity, policy-enforced encryption, and email archive – all managed in a simple and intuitive user interface.

Proofpoint Essentials, compatible with Microsoft Office 365, is available through 4 tailored packages, created to meet the varied business needs, feature requirements and budgets of smaller enterprises.


Proofpoint Essentials for Office 365

The Proofpoint Essentials platform provides the additional layer of advanced threat protection functionality that enterprises running Microsoft® Office 365™ need to stop phishing attacks. This enables organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365 without sacrificing the key security requirements.

Advanced Threat Protection: Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection™ extends Office 365 email security measures by protecting high value data from targeted spear-phishing attacks, imposter emails (including business email compromise), and zero-day malware.

Comprehensive Spam Detection: Proofpoint MLX™ technology uses advanced machine learning techniques and analysis and works with the traditional spam engines of Office 365 to protect users from the most cunning attacks.

Innovative Email Continuity: The Proofpoint Essentials Emergency Inbox gives Office 365 users automatic access to their email if unexpected Office 365 downtime hits, keeping business email fully operational at all times.

Stronger Defense Against Targeted Attacks

Microsoft offers basic email security features with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to provide email hygiene services. It relies on traditional filtering techniques such as IP reputation, volume, and signature-based anti-virus scans. More is needed to protect against modern day attacks, particularly as email is the most reliable way for threats to reach your users. For example, at Proofpoint, they see 1 in 10 emails contain malicious attachments. More sobering, nearly 1 in 2 click on phishing links within the first hour of receipt.

Proofpoint Essentials for Office 365 takes a next generation approach to deliver industry-leading email security for SMEs to known and new attacks. These attacks may use non-malware based attacks using social engineering to target users with imposter emails, credential phish, or even use malicious attachments and URLs to compromise your business network. By taking advantage of Proofpoint's enterprise-class Targeted Attack Protection analysis techniques, you can protect your end users by adding security scrutiny that cannot be matched by traditional approaches.

Proofpoint Advanced Email Protection

Only Proofpoint Advanced Email Security solves the entire email threat problem. The unified solution helps you prevent, detect, and respond to today’s most advanced attacks.

While other email tools may help with some aspects of email security or stop some attacks, our multilayered approach covers every threat that matters. It stops most threats before they reach the inbox.

Email Analysis and Classification—Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection stops email threats and other unwanted messages in just about any language. Using multilingual analysis, email classifiers divide incoming email into separate quarantines by type. This feature gives you granular control over a wide range of email. This includes spam, phishing, impostor email, malware, bulk and adult content. Email Protection also detects threats that don’t involve malware, such as credential phishing and business email compromise (BEC). Email Protection assesses the reputation of the sender by analyzing hundreds of thousands of email attributes. These include the sender/recipient relationship, headers, and content.

Protecting Against Advanced Threats—Targeted Attack Protection

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect and block advanced threats, including ransomware, that target people through email. We detect known threats and new, never-before-seen attacks that use malicious attachments and URLs with dynamic and static analysis techniques. TAP is unmatched at stopping attack techniques such as polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and sandbox evasion.

Preventing Spoofed Email—Email Fraud Defense

Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense protects against today’s advanced email threats, including BEC and consumer phishing. Visibility into who is sending email across your enterprise enables you to authorize all legitimate senders and block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, business partners and customers. Email Fraud Defense is the only email authentication solution that helps you fully deploy DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) faster with less risk.

Control Data Loss—Information Protection

Proofpoint Information Protection provides far-reaching visibility out of the inbox. Though a exible, cloud-based platform, you get advanced data loss protection without the complexity and costs of legacy tools. Easily manage sensitive content sent through email. Automatically classify information according to your security policies and industry standards. And transparently encrypt and quarantine your data.

Respond to malicious email—Threat Response

Proofpoint Threat Response takes the manual labor and guesswork out of incident response to help you resolve threats faster and more efficiently. Automatically remove already-delivered email from users’ inbox and get an actionable view of threats. Our threat-management platform enriches alerts and automatically collects and compares forensic data. You can quarantine and contain users, hosts, and malicious email attachments—automatically or at the push of a button.

Maintain email during a server outage—Email Continuity

Email Continuity ensures that users’ email, calendar, and contacts are always available to them even when your regular email service is down. Your users stay productive, sending and receiving email—no IT intervention needed. The service is always on, hands-off, and works automatically to ensure that an email outage doesn’t disrupt your business.

Proofpoint Email Continuity

Proofpoint Enterprise Continuity provides an always-on insurance policy for crucial business communications. This enables users to continue sending and receiving email in the event of an outage without requiring any action from end users or IT.

Benefits of Proofpoint Email Continuity

Continuity: Ensure email is always available with Proofpoint Enterprise Continuity—a service that runs with no dependencies on your infrastructure or staff—even if your primary email server down.

Availability: End users get full access to email either natively within Outlook or via Web portal—all without on-premise software requirements.

Automatic: Completely “hands off” solution that doesn’t require activation during an outage, along with fully automated recovery.

Extensive: Keep the most recent 30 days of email available in end user inboxes.

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