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Cyber Security and Networking

Altaware, Inc. has been trusted by our clients since 1999. We're in the cyber security and enterprise networking business. We get it where it needs to go; quickly, reliably and securely. Our simple goal is to improve your networking and security environment from where you are today to where you want or need to be.

Altaware = Higher Level Solutions (Better mindware, better hardware, better software)

Why choose Altaware?

We're on your side

All resellers (VARs) and integrators have to pick their master, are they first and foremost a brand representative for the manufacturers they carry or are they aligned to your needs first? We're on your side, we represent your needs, your timing, your budget and your requirements. By the way, often we'll recommend something more appropriately sized to your requirements versus someone else's sales agenda.

Sometimes certain products aren't that good or have caveats, we'll let you know that too.

Effective and right

Effective cyber security is really hard. It has to be:
- The correct solution for the problem
- Has to be deployed (not sitting on a shelf)
- Has to be monitored
- Has to be understood
- Has to be maintained
- Can't require continuous and endless services

So, we pick effective solutions and have the skills to get them deployed the right way.

Use it, know it, sell it

This is crazy simple, we sell what we know and we know what we sell. How? Well, whenever we can we use it internally and know it intimately, often far beyond what the manufacturer SEs do. Our internal device count exceeds our employees by over 10:1 ratio because we use/have so much of what we recommend and we understand the real differences, often in side by side comparisons.

We eat our own dog food. We don't carry every brand and every choice, we sell what we use and know.

Skills for all deals

Sure, the big boys claim to have the skills and most of the big ones do. However, they're spread across the country, booked solid and good luck getting their "A team" attention for deals that are under a million dollars.

We have high-end skills for regular deals.

Technical strike team

If you're looking for a legion of grunts and contractors for cyber security, we're the wrong place. If you want a boutique cyber security firm that's got highly skilled engineers that stay current and can quickly do what's needed and then leave, you found us.

Your timetable

We're privately held, been in business since 1999 and we don't have quarterly, monthly and weekly forecasts to appease shareholders. We'll be there and happily accept your business on your timetable.

We have grown organically and focused on sustainability for the long haul. Plus we get to change our direction as we see the fit for our customers.

Driven and laid back

Sure, Silicon Valley has some great cyber technology, but the sales pressure and sales processes are insane. We're from Southern California, close enough for the action, far enough to be laid back. Your timing is our timing. We offer cyber technology from around the world too so you get access to innovative, effective and affordable technology.

Best fit solution

A lot of VARs carry products that are best of sales. In cyber security, you need effective and affordable above all else. Most of our solutions happen to be "magic quadrant" and challenger solutions, not stagnant overpriced and legacy solutions. This is extremely important in the ever changing field of cyber security. You can't depend on dated solutions for evolving threats.

We offer the innovative and effective solutions.

Size matters

Our clients range from 100 employees or less to over 10,000. Everyone needs cyber security, but the needs do vary based upon the complexity, budgets and existing skills. We get that, we have the skills and solutions to find the right fit.

Our customers talk

We're approachable and we're not just sales people without techs and we don't talk techno babble, well, unless you're into that kind of thing.

“In an industry loaded with VAR's and channel partners Altaware stands out from the crowd by taking the time to understand its customers and their actual needs.”

“Altaware rapidly became my vendor of choice for new technology choices. Their advice has always been spot on, even when the advice was that we didn't need a specific product. Their honesty, open communication, and customer service continue to redefine how a vendor should treat their customers.”

“Altaware has always been there to help us achieve our networking needs. Their customer service and technical capabilities are outstanding.”

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