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At Altaware, Inc. we partner with a variety of leading networking, security and storage providers. As techs, we don't choose "best of sales" vendors, but true best of breed vendors. Our manufacturer/vendor partners tend to be Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders and visionaries.
If you're having trouble finding a solution for your problem, check our vendors page that shows our offerings by technologies. We understand and focus on several industry sectors.

Whether you're a small company that needs enterprise grade solutions or a demanding enterprise with truly unique requirements, we have the technology and expertise to meet your needs.
Cyber Security 

Cyber Security Requirements

  • Cyber Security Defense
    There’s only one mission: Keep the bad stuff from coming in!

    - Use defense in depth
    - Start your outer layers at the perimeter edge and/or in the cloud and work inward
    - Have defenses starting as far away as possible from your resources
    - Remember perimeters aren’t always clear

    - Stop bad stuff (malware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc.) from entering your corporate network
    - By using multiple layers you get multiple steps in the kill chain to prevent the successful breach
    - When you run out of layers, defense is toast, now you have to detect the presence of a breach
    - Keep nonessential data further away from the crown jewels, use segmentation
    You'd think this would be easy by now, firewalls and associated gateways have been around for quite a while now. However, statistics keep showing failure rates around 97%.

    It comes down to several reasons:
    - Great technology implemented poorly or incompletely is just ineffective, it might even be used against you
    - Great technology without maintenance, care and feeding and attention to alerts is just like a captain asleep at the wheel
    - The weakest link WILL be the entry point
    - Personnel training for security professionals AND users is essential

    The most common mistakes:
    - Poor credentials and password control
    - Incorrect or incomplete security deployments
    - Relying on single solutions or security tiers
    - Lack of understanding of the network
  • Cyber Security Breach Detection
    A lost art, but think of the old days when top secret files were noted each time they were being accessed. If it shouldn't be accessed by certain people or en masse and it is, you've got a problem.

    DLP focuses on catching sensitive data in flight. Poor choice… Focus instead on original access as close or right at the source of the data.
    It's far easier and logical to detect access and then question that access versus looking for what has changed! It is amazing that the industry in general continues to miss this easy opportunity to look for unusual access activity (think Snowden, employees about to quit, unauthorized access like Target, etc.).

    Proper access logging and alerting can be an even better indicator of an external or internal threat.

    It's very important to scan and look for massive outgoing data and/or detect patterns of sensitive data (credit cards, social security numbers, other personal identifying information or even special keywords).

    Logging applies to files, documents and databases.
  • Cyber Security Breach Response & Recovery
    A breach is going to happen, it’s important to have a response, mitigation and recovery plan in place. It will utilize a mix of processes, solutions and notifications.

    Just remember to first defend, invest heavily in detection and then have the tools to quickly mitigate. Recovery takes planning and testing, it’s too late if you haven’t done your homework.
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Data Networking 
Data networking is simple in principle, move bits quickly from point A to B.

To do that you need:
- A robust infrastructure to handle the business needs
- An infrastructure that can respond to spikes and peak loads
- The ability to proactively manage that infrastructure
- The ability to quickly spin up additional resources
- A focus on data availability

We know and understand enterprise network plumbing.
Professional Services 
At Altaware, Inc. we’re well known for our depth and customer focused integrity when it comes to cyber security and data networking.

We maintain numerous vendor and industry certifications. We even have engineering talent with active US government clearances to perform professional services for several cyber security and networking solutions.

Our services include:
- Firewall migration services
- Firewall upgrade services
- Firewall policy review
- Email security services

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