PRTG Help & Support

We're a highly experienced group of seasoned networking and cyber security professionals that offer custom services for creating and maintaining your PRTG network monitoring environment.

Certified and trained PRTG engineers location in Southern California that remotely service customers across the USA. We're available via phone, email and remote meetings.

Let our professional engineers run, maintain and/or manage your PRTG Network Monitoring system.

  • Skilled with using custom SNMP sensors
  • Enable network flow (Cisco NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow) sensors
  • Server sensors
  • Virtual sensors
  • Service based sensors
  • Cloud based sensors

We can provide you with single or multi-year contracts, sensor license upgrades and can get your older expired (lapsed) PRTG maintenance contracts back on contract. Plus, if/when the time comes we can provide phone/remote based support during US business hours.

Ask us to provide a renewal quote, we provide public US list pricing for PRTG renewals.

We configure your network and server management platform to conform with our own PRTG Best Practices. There is no official best practices available from Paessler, however we implement our own best practices that we've developed after many years of hands on experience and numerous customer engagements.

PRTG Best Practice Description
Focused alerting We use several techniques to make sure pertinent alerts get attention: - Escalation where needed - Summarize Email alerts to prevent being overwhelmed during outages that affect multiple sensors - Different delivery methods for different needs: Email, SMS, visual, tickets, push alerts - Repeat messages when warranted
Appropriate sensors Reduce the number of nonessential sensors. Use sensors that correctly gauge whether or not a server providing a particular service has that service responding and at service levels that make sense. Ping makes sure a device is up, it's all about service delivery.
Dependencies Dependencies are a great way to reduce the alerting. If a remote office is down, then other devices will report down too unless dependencies are used or other techniques are used.
Utilize SNMP Most of the really valuable data is available via customer SNMP MIBs. That's where all the valuable secret sauce information is. We know the kind of metrics that matter to track and report on.
Network visibility There's a lot of information available to tap into for networks. Beyond the basic traffic, netflow, RMON, ping, jitter, traceroute and other sensors, it's more important to understand: - When a circuit is pegged with high traffic for too long - When latency is intermittent or too problematic for the use case of your circuit - Putting it all together in one view to quickly rule out invalid causes and focus in on the root cause - Effectively and quickly use historical data for network forensic troubleshooting - Add additional channels and sensors to assist with suspect physical layer problems - Find bottleneck problems affecting all downstream users. Plus we have other tools to do Visio network diagrams and add additional fingerprinting information.
Sourcing probes Outside in versus inside out can yield different results and provide important additional alerting. We understand how to effectively mix locality into the discussion and understand PRTG clustering, PRTG remote probes and more.
Grouping / hierarchy Since alerting and other settings can be inherited, effective grouping is important to reduce the amount of manual effort in changing default settings. We also can make effective use of bulk editing, different views of the same sensors and other tricks.

Outsource your PRTG system maintenance and monitoring to our in-house PRTG experts.

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  • Highest PRTG certifications
  • Years of in-house PRTG experience
  • Extensive systems, networking and monitoring experience
  • Hands-on or hands-off PRTG implementations
  • Extensive data center experience
  • Knowledge transfer if you want it

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