Varonis: Data Governance Products and Solutions
Varonis products automate time-consuming data management and protection tasks and extract valuable insights from your human-generated data.

Varonis provides breakthrough solutions for human-generated data, the fastest-growing and most sensitive class of digital information.
Data Access
DatAnywhere instantly enables mobile access, file synchronization, and secure 3rd party sharing for your existing file shares. Give your users file sync and mobile access without changing your IT infrastructure, without moving your data, and without reconfiguring permissions — in about 30 minutes.

Even better, unlike the various public cloud solutions, DatAnywhere quickly enables this via your own private cloud!
Data Protection
DatAlert provides real-time alerts for file servers, NAS, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory.

DatAlert will improve your ability to detect possible security breaches, misconfigurations, and other issues in real-time.

Get real-time alerts based on file and email activity, Active Directory changes, permissions changes, and more. Alert criteria and output are easily configurable so that the right people and systems can be notified about the right things, at the right times in the right ways.
DatAdvantage enables you to remove the risks associated with file permissions and auditing. Easily prove to regulators that IT controls are stringent, and manage user permissions efficiently.

Microsoft Windows file servers, including NAS devices like EMC and NetApp lack the ability to quickly see who has access to data and what they’ve accessed, identify excessive permissions, lock down sensitive content, and identify data owners.

DatAdvantage for Windows enables you ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

Unstructured data in organizations is exploding and out of control. It encompasses all distinct files—documents, images, spreadsheets, videos and audio files—stored on servers, NAS devices and in semi-structured repositories like SharePoint. Managing and protecting this data presents enormous challenges:

Permissions: Determining who has access to a data set, which folders a user or group can access and identifying excess, unneeded permissions

Access Auditing: IT can’t answer questions like, “Who accessed or deleted my data? Data Ownership: IT can’t reliably identify business owners of data sets, and has even less ability to involve data owners in the governance process.

Operational: Manual permissions and group changes are unreliable. Business users and data owners are unable to effectively make decisions about data access.

High Risk: Stale, excess permissions are rarely revoked. Data is open to global access groups with no reliable way of remediating access without impacting the business.

The Varonis Data Governance Suite provides organizations the ability to keep pace with their data, manage access entitlements efficiently and effectively, audit access to every file event, identify and involve data owners and find and classify sensitive and business critical data. Varonis offers a comprehensive and effective solution for data governance using a scalable and extensible metadata framework.

Varonis provides:
• Actionable intelligence about your data
• Workflow that directly involves business users and data owners
• Automation that reduces the burden on your organization’s IT resource

If you need to know:
• Who deleted a file?
• Who renamed a file?
• When was the file deleted?
• Who has access to a file or folder?
• What would happen in a "what if" scenario if you granted or removed access?
• What files are rarely accessed?
• Who recently started accessing folders they traditionally have not accessed?

This is the solution for you! High performance access to Windows file servers access logs without a performance hit or NAS file server access logs for audit or security concerns.

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Enterprise Search
Varonis DatAnswers allows you to search enterprise documents quickly, securely, and cost effectively.

Even better, search will only disclose information based upon what a user can actually access and all within your private cloud.
Retention & Migration
Varonis Data Transport Engine allows you to automatically find, migrate, archive, and delete data without the hassle of downtime, permissions issues, or cross-platform challenges. Easily automate your data retention policies for defensible disposition.

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