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Safend is the ultimate granular endpoint security and control:
  • Control by file and device type
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Encryption of removable media
  • Tracking offline usage
  • Safend Protector Cryptographic Library is validate to FIPS 140-2
  • Safend solutions are tailored to organizations concerned with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, BASEL and others.
Control by File and Device type

Safend Protector detects and allows restriction of devices by device type, model or even specific device serial number. For storage devices, Safend Protector allows security administrators to either block all storage devices completely, permit read-only, encrypt all data on the devices as well as monitoring, blocking and logging fils that are downloaded to or read from these devices.

Safend Protector includes an additional layer of granularity and security by inspecting files for their type as they are transferred to/from external storage devices. With over 180 built-in file extensions covering all popular applications categorized into 14 file categories, policy definition has never been easier.

Advantages to inspecting both files downloaded to external storage devices and those uploaded to the protected endpoint include:
  • An additional protection of layer for preventing data leakage
  • Prevention of viruses and malware introduced via external storage devices
  • Prevention of inappropriate content introduced via external storage devices
Administrators can define policies which approve/block specific file types on the inbound and outbound channels. This includes separate definitions for each channel as well as support for both white list and black list methodologies.
Safend Encryptor

Safend Encryptor enforces an enterprise wide encryption policy to protect the data stored on laptop and desktop hard disks, so that sensitive data cannot be read by unauthorized users in the case of loss or theft.

Safend Encryptor utilizes Total Data Encryption technology that automatically encrypts all data files, while avoiding unnecessary encryption of the operating system and program files. This innovative concept minimizes the risk of operating system failure, and has a negligible performance impact.

Leveraging this unique encryption technology, Safend Encryptor provides transparent hard disk encryption. Safend Encryptor seamlessly protects your data, without changing any of your existing end-user or helpdesk workflows.

Comprehensive encryption solution offers end-to-end protection of confidential corporate data from loss or theft with AES 256 encryption.

- Transparently uses Windows login to access the encrypted data.
- Transparently uses the Microsoft AD domain password reset process.
- Maintains performance by avoiding encryption and decryption of system and program files that do not require protection.
- Automatic key management and escrow by centrally managing and storing encryption keys.
- Full visibility and audit trail.
- Scales to more than 75,000 agents on a single management server. Additional seamless scaling by adding servers to a server cluster.
- Agent includes multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities.
Removable Media Tracking and Encryption

Encrypting data on removable storage devices allows organizations to enhance mobility and productivity without compromising security. Administrators can control which devices should be encrypted, as well as which users will be able to access encrypted devices outside the organization.

With this unique feature, every occurrence of offline access to an encrypted device is tracked, providing a comprehensive log of each file transfer to/from this device. With this detailed log, administrators can audit users' actions even on non-company computers, in order to validate legitimate use of corporate data.

For example, a user may be granted with offline privileges for opening a presentation while visiting customer sites. In cases of legitimate use, only these files will be read from the device.

On the other hand, a malicious user may attempt to abuse this privilege and download all the data on the device to his home PC. With this feature, all offline activity of the device is logged, securely stored on the device, and uploaded to the Management Server as soon as the device reconnects to a company computer. The method of storing offline usage logs on the device does not give the user any indication that his/her actions are being monitored. Furthermore, users cannot access this log or delete it.
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