Pulse Secure: Workspace - BYOD Containerization

Pulse Workspace

Pulse Workspace provides a trusted BYOD container for iOS and Android that secures the apps your company needs and gives workers a native user experience that separates work and life.

With Pulse Workspace, corporate and employee data, applications, communications, and networking are segregated—eliminating data leakage and protecting data with workspace encryption, remote enterprise wipe, and VPN connectivity. All key data, such as contacts, messages, and installed applications (on the personal side) remain invisible to the administrator. The workspace protects employee privacy while allowing enterprises to meet compliance and security requirements.

BYOD Nightmares

Device Ownership Battles
Who really owns the device? Encrypt and wipe corporate data without harming or accessing personal user data.
Implementing Security Standards.
PIN or password control, data at rest encryption, on-demand VPN access, protection from man in the middle attacks and root detection.
VPNs or Public Access?
Decide and implement per application what applications are blocked, access the internet or tunneled in a VPN.

Pulse Workspace

Application controls
Data protection
Employee privacy protection
Device Insight and Security
Works with or without MDM solutions
Enforce corporate security
  • Security
    Pulse Workspace provides container security that encrypts all data at rest, controls data sharing between enterprise apps, wipes corporate data without affecting personal information and connects directly to the enterprise VPN.

    Pulse Secure's App Virtualization technology for Android is key to BYOD security because it raises the Android security bar to the same level as iOS.

    The threat of man-in-the-middle attacks and malware is eliminated because the Workspace prevents personal apps from accessing enterprise connections.
  • Privacy
    Separates personal BYOD data/apps from corporate apps and data. Pulse Workspace respects user privacy and choice, limiting IT visibility and control to the enterprise container and giving workers a native user experience on their personal device of choice.
  • Management
    Enterprise IT can enforce compliance policies, such as Android root detection, with certificate revocation or ActiveSync controls to supervise network access based on Workspace health.
  • Compatibility & Application Support
    Pulse Workspace is the only security solution that does not modify iOS and Android apps with app-wrapping or require the use of an SDK.
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Pulse Workspace Detailed Information

Application Controls
- Secures any application, whether built-in public app store or custom
- Remotely deploy applications
- Provides application white-listing
- Apps run natively, locally and offline
- Apps can be remotely removed or wiped
- Provides application tamper protection
- Supports per-app VPN policy
Data Protection
- Provides copy/paste restriction on Android
- Offers native sharing restrictions
- Provides separated file system
- Offers password protection
- Prevents personal applications from using enterprise data
- Enables remote wipe of enterprise data
- Offers local automatic wipe
- Provides remote lock on enterprise data
Workspace Management
- Over-the-air workspace deployment
- Centralized policy management
- Group-based, user-based, or device-based management
- Centralized dashboards
- Actionable reporting
- Over-the-air policy management
- Cloud-based management platform
- Layered policy management
- Policy expiration setting forces periodic refresh
Employee Privacy Protection
- Manage and wipe only enterprise applications.
- Personal applications run privately and are isolated from enterprise applications.
- Personal data is not visible to the enterprise.
- No sensitive enterprise data is sent to, or stored on, the centralized console.
E-mail Settings and Options
- Provides ActiveSync support
- Offers POP3 account management
- Provides IMAP account management
- Fully integrated with Mail+
- Block users from setting up personal e-mail accounts inside the workspace
Device Insight and Security
- Root and jailbreak detection
- Enforce device encryption
- Blocks USB debugging
Device Restrictions on iOS
- Block installation of new applications
- Block use of Camera
- Block use of iCloud Backup
- Block use of iCloud document sync
- Block use of iCloud Keychain sync
- Block ability to open from managed to unmanaged
- Block ability to open from unmanaged to managed
- Block screenshots
- Block use of Siri
- Block use of Siri when device is locked
Passcode Restrictions
- Provides passcode expiration
- Allows maximum incorrect passcode attempts
- Provides passcode complexity settings
VPN Management
- Define VPN connection for workspace to use
- Provide certificate or password-based authentication
- Populate username automatically for authentication
- Restrict VPN to only inside the workspace
Wi-Fi Management
- Define Wi-Fi access points for end users

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