Pulse Secure: HTML5 Support
This is a new feature starting with PulseSecure 8.2R1

- Users can launch RDP, Telnet, and SSH sessions via admin-created bookmarks.
- Single sign on and NLA (Network Level Authentication) is supported by default.
- Admin can configure screen resolution, color depth, DPI and a host of other settings when creating the bookmarks.
- Users can transfer files from local machine to the remote machine and vice versa.
- If the admin has enabled it, a special G:\ drive is available in the remote machine.
- This drive contains a folder called "Download". Any files dropped in this folders are automatically transferred between local and remote machines.
- Users can copy and paste text from local machine to remote machine and vice versa
- Users can bring the clipboard access screen to the foreground by clicking on Ctrl +Alt + Shift. This will automatically include clipboard data that exists in the remote be transferred to the local machine.

Supported Operating Systems
- The solution works on all supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) that run on desktop operating systems such as Windows, OS X and Linux.
- The solution works on Android OS and iOS; however the PCS User UI page must have "Request Desktop Site" enabled

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