PRTG | UVexplorer Integration

UVexplorer PRTG Connector

While Paessler PRTG and UVnetworks UVexplorer are both excellent standalone products. When you combine the two you get additional functionality via the stronger monitoring in PRTG along with device details and discovery from UVexplorer.
Granular Device Detail
UVexplorer works hard to discover the low-level structure of your network, so it understands exactly how your devices are connected at the Layer-2 link and port level. UVexplorer collects detailed inventory information for the devices on your network (system information, serial numbers, IP/MAC addresses, host names, installed software, network interfaces, network connections, route tables, ARP caches, BIOS information, and much more). Device details can be viewed in UVexplorer's console, or you can export this data into PRTG so that it can be viewed directly within the PRTG console. And, each time UVexplorer re-discovers your network, it automatically keeps detailed device information up-to-date in PRTG.
PRTG Connectivity Maps
UVexplorer to automatically generate detailed network maps, and to keep those maps up-to-date whenever the network changes. UVexplorer’s network maps can be easily exported into PRTG. Rather than creating PRTG maps by hand, you can let UVexplorer create them automatically, and then export them into PRTG (including automatically keeping them up-to-date in PRTG as your network changes).

This includes showing the topology connectivity in PRTG and being aware of dependencies to minimize the volume of alerts for downstream devices.
Quicker and Cleaner PRTG Sensor Creation
If you request it, UVexplorer automatically creates sensors on devices that are exported into PRTG. When you export discovery results from UVexplorer into PRTG, you can specify what sensor types you want UVexplorer to create on the exported devices, and it does so automatically. This is great for creating sensors in bulk (e.g., Ping sensors), and you only get the sensors that you specifically ask for. And, UVexplorer automatically keeps your PRTG sensors up-to-date as your network changes (e.g., when new devices are added to the network).

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