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FireEye is a leader in stopping the new generation of cyber attacks, such as advanced malware, that easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses and compromise over 95 percent of enterprise networks.
Enterprise Solutions 
  • Threat Prevention Platforms
    Network Security (NX series, web security)
    The FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform stops network-based attacks missed by traditional technologies, such as next-generation firewalls (NGFW), IPS, AV, and Web gateways. FireEye Network protects against zero-day Web exploits and multi-protocol callbacks to keep sensitive data and systems safe. Advanced targeted attacks use the Web as a primary threat vector to compromise key systems, perform reconnaissance on existing defenses, establish long-term control and access to networked systems, and exfiltrate data.
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    Email Security (EX series)
    The FireEye EX series is a group of threat prevention platforms that protects against advanced email attacks. Organizations have been facing threats from email-based spam and viruses for a long time. However, recently spear-phishing attacks have soared in popularity with the availability of user-specific information on social networks and other Internet resources. With all of the personal information available online, a criminal can socially engineer almost any user into clicking a URL or opening an attachment with a zero-day exploit, and the cybercriminal quickly gets control of a privileged system and user accounts.

    To quarantine the spear-phishing emails used in advanced targeted attacks, the EX analyzes every attachment using a signature-less, Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine that can safely and accurately identify zero-day attacks. It goes beyond signature and reputation-based systems by detonating each attachment against a cross-matrix of operating systems and applications, including multiple Web browsers and plug-ins like Adobe Reader and Flash. Administrators can quarantine emails with malicious content for further analysis or deletion.
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    Content Security (FX series, File Server security)
    The FireEye FX series is a group of threat prevention platforms that protect against content-based attacks across a wide range of file types. The FireEye FX platforms analyze network file shares to detect and quarantine malware brought into the network through the Web, email, or manual means, such as online file sharing and portable file storage. The FX series thwarts the lateral spread of advanced malware that traditional and next-generation firewalls (NGFW), IPS, AV, and gateways miss. Advanced targeted attacks use sophisticated malware and advanced persistent threat (APT) tactics, not only to penetrate defenses, but also to spread laterally and establish a long-term foothold in the network.

    The FireEye FX series of threat prevention platforms analyze file shares using the patented FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine that detects zero-day malicious code embedded in common file types. The FX series performs recursive, scheduled, and on-demand scanning of accessible network file shares to identify and quarantine resident malware without impact to corporate productivity.
    Endpoint Security (HX series)
    The FireEye HX series is a threat prevention platform that helps drive faster, more accurate decisions about potential security incidents on endpoints. The HX series connects the dots between activity on the network and activity on the endpoints, improving the approach and reducing the time to remediate a security incident.

    The endpoint threat prevention platform works with other FireEye threat prevention platforms to integrate network and endpoint security. The HX platform leverages indicators of compromise from other FireEye platforms (NX, EX, FX, AX) to rapidly validate if a compromise has affected the endpoint. By continuously monitoring all hosts, the HX series extends network alerts by finding matching activity on the endpoint.
  • Cloud-based Platforms
    Email Threat Prevention
    The FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud is a SaaS offering that protects organizations against today's advanced email attacks, email based spam, and viruses. With no hardware or software to install, Email Threat Prevention Cloud is a particularly good fit for organizations already moving their overall infrastructure into the cloud. To start protecting against malicious emails, organizations need to simply route messages to the Email Threat Prevention Cloud. The cloud then filters the email through its anti-spam and anti-virus engine to perform the basic hygiene and uses the signature-less FireEye Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to analyze every attachment and URL to detect threats and stop APT attacks in real time.

    Rather than relying on only signatures or reputations - which are insufficient against today's fast-moving, constantly changing threats - FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud analyzes emails and their attachments in a two-stage approach. In the first stage the incoming emails are analyzed through a cloud-based anti-spam, anti-virus engine. The second stage involves email attachment and URL analysis within the purpose-built FireEye MVX engine and generates threat intelligence that enables organizations to protect against the APT attack. Email Threat Prevention Cloud enables organizations to quarantine emails containing spam and known viruses. It also allows quarantine of spear-phishing emails, identifies other recipients of the malicious email, and via integration with the FireEye NX series blocks related data exfiltration communications over multiple protocols like HTTP or IRC. FireEye Email Threat Prevention Cloud also leverages the FireEye ecosystem by exchanging threat intelligence through the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud.
    Mobile Threat Prevention
    FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention identifies and stops mobile threats. Rather than relying on signatures-which are powerless against today's fast-moving, constantly changing threats-FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention executes apps within the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to protect mobile devices against compromise.

    FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) offers real-time visibility of threats on mobile devices, displays play-by-play analysis of suspicious apps, provides an index of pre-analyzed apps, and generates threat assessments for custom apps. FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention also leverages the broad FireEye ecosystem by exchanging threat intelligence through the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud.
    Threat Analytics Platform
  • Forensics
    Enterprise Forensics (PX and IA series)
    The FireEye Network Forensics Platform enables organizations to identify and resolve security incidents faster by capturing and indexing full packets at extremely rapid speeds. With a packet indexing speed of up to 30 million packets per second it significantly reduces incident response times even in the face of large-scale searches. The integration with the FireEye Threat Prevention platforms provides deeper insight into the scope and impact of potential breaches through simple drill-down access to captured, indexed, and stored connection and packet information on the largest and busiest 10 Gbps networks.
    Forensic Analysis (AX series)
    The FireEye AX series is a group of forensic analysis platforms that gives security analysts hands-on control over powerful, auto-configured test environments where they can safely execute and inspect advanced malware, zero-day, and targeted advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks embedded in common file formats, email attachments, and Web objects. With advanced instrumentation, the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine provides forensic details on the exploit, such as the vulnerability exploited to create a buffer overflow condition, attempts to escalate privileges within Windows, and the callback coordinates used to exfiltrate data.
    Endpoint Forensics (MIR)
    Mandiant for Intelligent Response is an appliance-based solution that scales your experienced incident responders and forensics specialists to investigate thousands of endpoints and scope the impact of an incident. Are you compromised? How did the attacker get in? What systems are involved? Mandiant for Intelligent Response lets you answer these questions so you can respond appropriately to keep advanced attackers from achieving their objective in your systems. Perform fast, precisely targeted investigations to quickly understand the scope of an attack and stop it before critical loss occurs.
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Small Business Bundles 
FireEye bundles for small and midsize businesses include the following:

Web Bundle – Network appliances to stop Web-based attacks backed up by FireEye platinum support and real-time access to the FireEye dynamic threat intelligence library for the latest information on advanced attacks.

Web + Email Bundle – Includes the Web bundle plus the email threat prevention platform to protect against spear phishing and other email-based attacks. This bundle supports both cloud and on-premise email deployments.

All of the bundles can include continuous monitoring from the FireEye Managed Defense subscription service for proactive APT and zero-day alerts, and system health monitoring.
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