Cisco friendly companion products
DNS/DHCP and IPAM Services
DNS, DHCP, NTP, tFTP are all examples of services that need to be rock solid like your other core Cisco services. That's why we offer the best through Infoblox.
NAC - Supporting older and newer Cisco switches (also BYOD, MDM)
NAC isn't fun, but it is necessary to protect wired and wireless networks. It doesn't help that Cisco wants heavy switch upgrades in place before you can implement it. That's why we offer the leader in NAC and it works awesomely with older and newer Cisco. Checkout our ForeScout solution.
NMS - Network Management Systems
Network management shouldn't be complex or expensive. It needs to be responsive and add valuable insight, alerting and reporting. Yes, it even supports and adds NetFlow visibility. Check out our Paessler PRTG solution.
Load balancing solutions
Load balancing can be used to distribute services such as web, Email and others across multiple servers or even doing GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) across multiple geographically distributed sites. For those needs, we offer a couple of solutions:
- For cloud based WAF for web servers including load balancing, we offer iMPERVA.
- For appliance or virtual based on-premise load balancers, we offer Barracuda Networks and Fortinet.
Email SPAM/archiving solutions for mid-market customers
Cisco does offer excellent high-end solutions for Email. However, for our mid-market customers or cost sensitive customers we offer Barracuda for Email or Message Archiving.
High-end enterprise tap solutions
Cisco SPAN/mirror port capability across their switch line is quite good. For more demanding needs such as:
  • Deduplicating packets from multiple switch taps
  • Deeper filtering
  • Aggregating several lower speed (e.g. Gigabit) into a single higher speed port (e.g. 10 GbE+)
  • Taking a single higher speed port and distributing across multiple lower speed ports
  • Fanning out a single port to multiple ports to distribute load across multiple network analysis appliances
Then we heartily recommend Gigamon.
WAF (Web Application Firewall) solutions
Firewalls are great and important, however for dealing with OWASP top 10 threats and further protecting web servers whether for compliance or greater security, we heartily recommend iMPERVA. It's available in cloud and appliance offerings.
File access monitoring solutions (the better way to tackle DLP)
When it comes to logging file access or even tackling data loss/data leakage (DLP) at the source. We recommend Varonis as the best way to track access versus attempting to catch it "in flight."
User and/or application control (layer 7 firewall policy control)
If you're existing Cisco firewall isn't able to do true layer 7 firewall policy control for users and/or applications and you don't want to change or modify your existing layer 3 network architecture, then we recommend deploying Palo Alto Networks in a virtual wire mode to add layer 3 visibility and control to your existing network.
Of course if you'd like to consider an alternative choice for Cisco switching, firewalls, wireless and routing, we'd be happy to oblige.

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