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Education Solutions

We understand the needs of education, whether it's K-12, Higher Education, charter schools, public, faith based or private. We have over 10 years of experience in IT positions working for Higher Education and over 20 years of serving edu customers.

Our solutions include:
Firewalls & Routers
Focused on solutions to help enforce appropriate use for K-12 as well as full visibility and high performance for Higher Education. We have the professional services for deploying them successfully as well as converting from your existing solutions.
NAC (wired and wireless) / BYOD
In our large higher ed environments that means getting tens of thousands of users into the right VLANs. We offer passive or active solutions to provide visibility or apply controls. We also offer network tap solutions that can assist with NAC.
Secure scalable DNS and DHCP solutions
Whether it's for the explosion of wireless customers in edu or phones, DHCP has to be robust, reliable and scaleable while DNS needs to address internal and external concerns. IPAM (IP Address Management) benefits are included too. Historical IP address tracking is important for DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliance.
Switch port management
Used to help determine switch port inventory and utilizations.
Load and link balancers
Several solutions for campuses with multiple provider connections without the complexity of BGP as well as handling web servers and services under loads like student enrollments.
IDP / IDS -Intrusion detection
High-speed threat detection and if desired mitigation. Way easier to do these days with the right modern solutions and then greatly minimize historical tuning efforts.
Logging solutions (SIM, SIEM)
Historical logging is important for forensics, compliance (anywhere you take credit cards on campus or perhaps even provide healthcare in some cases). Helps greatly for forensics, visibility and DMCA.
Classroom/campus wireless networking
In K-12 we see a lot of 1:1 enablement in the classrooms with iPads. In larger higher ed campuses we see concerns about management. In both we have solutions that can constantly monitor and advise on true end to end connectivity versus relying just on help desk calls.
Secure remote access (several options/choices)
Mobile, fixed site, temporary site, POS and contractor solutions. They all have slightly different needs and demands often making a single solution less than ideal. We sell and understand the full array of choices.
QoS and traffic shaping/visibility solutions
In our higher ed customers, there is far less desire to block, but there is the desire to limit, contain or prioritize traffic. This is especially true where on campus residence halls or student housing are present. While many solutions can do this, the costs can be excessive at high data rates, so we offer a couple of choices.
Switching has become like network plumbing, but we offer solutions that can either be remotely managed which is great for multi-site smaller campuses as well as high-performance solutions for data centers. Unique requirements include multi-site ring topologies, MPLS, affordable/scalable 10 GbE (and beyond). When entertaining 802.11ac, then robust switching infrastructure becomes essential.
DDoS / WAF protection
While not yet that prevalent in our education customers, we do expect that DDoS protection will be essential soon and we're already offering that from our commercial customer experience. At the very least we strongly suggest appliance or cloud based WAF (Web Application Firewall) protection for key or sensitive web servers. It's also the law in several cases for campus systems.
Network taps
We offer network taps (active/passive) along with network bypass solutions. These go beyond the traditional switch SPAN (mirror port) limits and allow for multiple devices to connect to a single port or even do speed aggregation (e.g. multiple Gigabit ports to a single 10GbE). Bottom line, in many NAC use cases, logging, inspection or even just limited educational funds (wanting to filter what goes to lower speed devices) then our network tap and packet broker solutions are used. Very applicable too for multi-campus needs and consolidating inspection/control equipment to a single site.
Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring
We offer affordable network management solutions with educational discounts. Plus we have sensors that can detect temperature, humidity, power, air flow, water, smoke and open/close doors.
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