Wow, it really happened, Juniper ScreenOS and the Juniper SSG firewall line has come to an end.

We've seen several hardware platforms all running ScreenOS variants for over 15 years! That's almost unimaginable in a technical field, let alone security. Netscreen paved the way with small, affordable, quick in their day and easy to use purpose built platforms that replaced general purpose computers running firewall software. RIP ScreenOS, I personally admired your simplicity, responsive GUI, great support, quick boot times and reliable purpose built hardware appliances.

ScreenOS 2.0 was around in May 2000 and ScreenOS 5.4 came out around July 2006. Currently ScreenOS 6.3 is the more recent version. It's an impressive lifespan and has helped provide cyber security and ultimately UTM capabilities to all sorts of enterprises that otherwise would have gone without. Meanwhile the ScreenOS Concepts & Examples paved the way for how a manual ought to be written and helped educate thousands of engineers.

While this blog entry is somewhat dated as the final RIP gravestone marker was done on 7/31/2015, we've seen it declared many times in the past. I was waiting to see if it might be resurrected. SRX Junos couldn't even kill it, but now it has. Not that it's a worthy GUI replacement for ScreenOS, it still isn't and it's totally unacceptable to not have a complete GUI experience for managing a firewall that includes SMB and mid-enterprise customers, but that's another rant.

For those that loved ScreenOS, do yourself a favor and don't torment yourself with a CLI, choose a better zone based solution from either Fortinet or Palo Alto Networks, they make a better ScreenOS replacement that's way more intuitive coming from Juniper ScreenOS than Juniper SRX is.

Of course Juniper Networks will still be supporting the hardware and ScreenOS for sometime, but changes and updates will be minimal.