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The growing identity problem

A few months ago I was telling close friends that due to massive breaches of information we'll seen lose the ability to prove our own identities. Now, it's sad to say that day has almost arrived.

Here's the challenge, so much has been collected through breaches about us we can no longer provide information above and beyond what has been stolen. It gets even worse with "security questions" as I can barely recall the correct answers, but that can be lost in identity theft too which ironically makes the thief more aware than us.

It gets worse, at least one firm now has asked that we submit to voice sampling to help prove our identity. So, lets understand this… The ones that caused our identities to be lost now want to collect MORE of our identity to prove ourselves. Just imagine the damage that can be done with stolen audio samples. Where will this end?

Can we even prove our own identity? What would that proof be realistically? Can we trust anyone to store that additional proof?

It's time to address multi-factor authentication, but without the hassle of traditional two factor authentication. Luckily we have a solution that uses device digital fingerprinting without need certificates, tokens, OTPs or SMS type solutions.