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Security Anyone?

Has anyone asked the following?:
- Who did the security audits for Neiman Marcus, Target and the others about to be announced?
- Who were the security resellers that advised and sold all that expensive technology to those marque accounts?
- Who architected and implemented those security solutions?

Somewhere someone had those breach customer reference logos in their slide deck and you shouldn't be buying from those "big experienced" firms.

Obviously size and scale have no bearing and shouldn't be the primary selection criteria.

That's not to say that absolute security is realistic, however major best practices were violated and we should start asking who was at the helm making those security and implementation decisions. We've been misled to believe that these were very sophisticated attacks and therefore mere mortals could not have done anything. All the facts are pointing to major incompetence and lack of attention and it's a sad state of affairs for everyone entrusting all these companies and suppliers.