OK, I’m a baby boomer. I grew up during the cold war era and with movies like Dr. Strangelove. One of those artifacts still with us is the concept of a doomsday clock, which as of my last check was set for 3 minutes to midnight. We need the same for cyber security.

I have to confess, last year in terms of cyber security I was feeling that cyber security was close to a global data catastrophe spiraling out of control and seeing Slim Pickens riding that bomb to oblivion.

I think we need a cyber doomsday clock. We need a cyber security measure to assess if we are closer or further away from cyber armageddon and try to turn the clock back.

Ransomware, ATPs (Advanced Persistent Threats), massive data collection (whether it’s sanctioned like the NSA or done for commercial gain), daily breaches, it’s overwhelming isn’t it? I’ll admit I was disenchanted in 2015 in the ongoing tug of war. It doesn't help that we're now facing governments wanting weaker security. I still have my reservations about placing sensitive data or financial data on the internet and the fallacy of doing that, but I see hope that our tools and techniques are starting to close the gap. As for awareness and action, we have a long ways to go, hence the desire for a cyber doomsday clock.

Ransomware is entering its final stages, but I expect we’ll see some death rattle signs in 2016 as the bad actors try and extract more money and more frequently to profit before the ride is over. 

Cyber security is finally showing innovative approaches and strengthening cyber prevention and cyber protection techniques without breaking the bank. I see the clock, perhaps temporarily moving back a little. 

I’d like to see that cyber doomsday clock so we have a system that engages leaders, policy makers, the public and cyber professionals. I can’t wait to see the debates and assessments. The bulletin (http://thebulletin.org/background-and-mission-1945-2015 ) was founded in 1945 by the Manhattan Project scientists over 70 years ago. Perhaps it’s time for the cyber doomsday clock now that it’s the year that we’ve started dropping “cyber bombs” on our enemies.